“The Summer has ended

The Summer has ended.

Notice, if you will, the swirling leaves….”–A Year With Frog and Toad

How was your summer? Ours was wonderful. It was great to slow down and enjoy one of the eighteen summers we get with these kiddos. We had so much fun, and I’ve been a whiny girl about school and activities starting up again. Catherine Newman even made peace with the fall before I did this year. What can I say? I miss the kids when they’re in school, and… I miss activity-free evenings.

I’m almost ready to embrace fall. It is the first official day of the season, so I guess it’s time. We visited the apple orchard last week. I bought some mums to replace the begonias on the porch. I also made pumpkin butter and plan to make Oatmeal Apple Butter Bars with apple butter from the orchard. 

If you’re looking for some back-to-school recipe inspiration, Katherine and I recommend Peanut Butter Protein Balls (with nut-free option) for snacks and Freezer Pancakes for busy mornings.

What do you do to celebrate fall?


  1. Suzanne says:

    This was such a nice reminder about how GREAT summer was!

    By the way, I checked out the Dairy Free Freezer Pancakes, and they look so delicious! Especially the ones with the blueberries. Also, they seem totally DOABLE, not scary like a lot of freezer meals seem to me.

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