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Summer Recipes



We still have one whole month left before school begins, and yet I’m having that Sunday night feeling. Sports practices are starting. Preschool teachers are emailing. My daughter started band camp today. BAND CAMP. I am a Band Parent. A Band Parent who may have cruised by the high school to catch a glimpse of my girl learning how to march. Don’t worry, I didn’t yell out the window.

Here are some recipes we’ve been enjoying this summer. These are recipes that I haven’t changed in any significant way, so I’m linking to the originals. 

Strawberry Cake, pictured above–Made by my daughter (with a dairy-free cake mix, of course) and served with powdered sugar lemon glaze and blue sprinkles on July 4. Our chocolate-loving child put in a request for this cake for her January birthday. That’s how good it is.

Panzanella–Made with cannellini beans instead of mozzarella

Roasted tomato sauce–For all the CSA tomatoes

Crunch Salad–made with 100% kale instead of Romaine. I’ve made this at least twice a week all summer.

Any-Berry Jam and Peachy Peach Jam–I can’t believe we’re done with strawberries and blueberries and are on to the blackberry and peach stage. We went blackberry picking the other day, and my arms look like I was attacked by a cat.

Vegetables roasted with olive oil and Kosher salt for 20-25 minutes at 450. Roasting magically gets the kids to eat almost anything from the CSA. 

I also received a super cute package of baking mixes from Enjoy Life Foods. They’ve developed a way to include probiotics that withstand heat in their mixes, which is so cool. Even though we aren’t a gluten-free family, we’ve really enjoyed these mixes. The brownie mix and muffin mix are the biggest hits so far.

What are some of your favorite summer recipes? Is one of them a snack? If so, enter The Snackable Recipe Contest. You could win a cool $1000, which would really take the edge off all of those back-to-school expenses.